Virtual Reality and the Future of Couples

Pornography has been around since the 19th century and presented in books and art before it was introduced to the rest of the people as a means for entertainment. Virtual reality technology is the newest ally of the adult entertainment industry. They have come together to offer the most impressive pornography experience yet. Some researchers even believe that virtual reality pornography can improve the real life sex of couples. The downside, however, is that it is possible some users can become so infatuated with adult entertainment via a headset that they begin to prefer it over having a real sex life.

This newest technology allows those that enjoy video games as well as those that partake in the watching of adult entertainment videos to venture into a whole new experience by just wearing a headset.

A study done by a research team from Newcastle University has shown that a whole new market is opening up in pornography thanks to the growing popularity of virtual reality technology in the industry. The co-author of the research team, Dr. Madeline Balaam conducted the research using 45 different volunteers. Of these volunteers, 14 were men and 18 were women. Three of the volunteers were classified as “other”. This research study was conducted in order to find out how virtual reality porn can be used.

Virtual reality pornography is more of a first person experience rather than a third person one. This is because the sensory experience that the viewer is getting through the virtual reality technology is more of a role playing experience rather than just viewing.

The best thing about this technology for users is that they can fully customize their experience and explore all of their fantasies without any of the real life risks. Some of the people that participated in the research experiment wrote about how their partners caught them using the virtual reality technology and how instead of getting upset they agreed to partake in the exploring of sexual fantasies alongside their partner. Many of the volunteers reported a positive change in their sex lives which is how the result came across that this technology can very well improve the real life sex lives of others as well.

One risk of this new technology is the fact that instead of just using pre-made avatars, photographs of real people, even strangers, can be used to create the desired sexual fantasies with or without their consent. Violent fantasies are also a danger when it comes to using this new technology.

This new virtual reality pornography has the means to further societies and the digital industry’s obsession with body image according to Dr. Balaam. This technology already allows for the creation of the perfect woman in virtual 3D.

With this new technology there is the potential to possibly create 3D models of real people which has raised the issue of what boundaries there are for consent when participating in virtual reality sex experiences. For example, if a man decided to customize a 3D model to look like his real life girlfriend, would he use the technology to perform sexual acts with the model that the woman would refuse to do in real life and if he did would this not be violating to her since she is the basis of the model?

Researchers believe that some people are going to see the use of virtual reality technology with adult entertainment to be more related to cheating on their significant other because unlike 2D porn the user is actively participating in the experience rather than just viewing. The closeness to reality may lead to problems for some couples as it will be easier to feel betrayed by the user of the 3D entertainment.

Virtual reality porn offers the potential of sexual experiences like no other that real life may not even be able to live up to. Some may use the technology to push boundaries and test the waters of their sexuality. With the level of immersion and likeness to reality it is thought that addiction to virtual reality porn can happen easily and become more severe the longer it goes on.

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